Beam Down Drone

Beam Down Drone, a game by ShadowOverseer, is explained as a "running-n-gunning" game designed to entertain for about an hour. It's available for Windows only, and costs a mere $1.99. The game's gameplay is described as the following quote:
" must weave and dodge enemy attacks coming from every direction to survive. Different gun types, abilities, upgrades and powers are vital to staying in action as the difficulty ramps up and new hostiles are introduced. Each boss has unique patterns and strategies that provide for a challenging engagement every time - hoards of enemies, projectile explosives, enormous searing lasers, and more."
The game is retro-based, has a sarcastic AI for dialogue, many creepy crawlies from a different planet (as if spiders on Earth aren't enough), and great elements making for fun gameplay.

The Looks 

Yes, the game is pretty. The animations and all of the textures are pretty, and well crafted to fit one another. Although, my only complaint is that the typeface isn't the prettiest of choice.


First off, I just want to say I love the communication AI. The communication AI provides the dialogue throughout the game, and serves as a source of humor, through sarcastic responses. I'm the type of person to be tickled easily, and I have to say, kudos for this character.

Next, I would like to mention the AI of the aliens. I have to say, I'm not exactly impressed with their behavior. They work just fine, but it isn't the best. Sometimes I have the aliens jumping on my head (and just standing there), and sometimes they can't get over steps, or they jump and hang onto walls in the game, as shown in the picture below.
Yes, this is an indie game, and there's nothing wrong with it, but I'm probably spoiled with good AI.

Lastly, I'd like to mention weapons. The weapons all have their different qualities, such as rate of fire (ROF), damage dealt, and the type (heavy, exploding, etc.) I like things that deal a lot of damage, so I'm sticking to the heavy weapons.


Beam Down Drone by ShadowOverseer, although it's not polished, it is a good game. I've enjoyed playing it, and I hope to see updates in the future.

This game is available for Windows only, for $1.99, and it can be bought on Itch here.


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